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Document Subject: Lotus Notes Domino Ports
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This document has a quick summary of what ports are used by Lotus Notes Clients, Lotus Notes Domino Servers and servers and any other applications used to interact with Lotus Notes. They can be useful when setting up firewalls and links to IIS etc.


The Lotus Notes Domino web server uses port 80 to distribute and receive http requests.

The Lotus Notes Client uses port 1352 by default to communicate with the Lotus Notes Server.

Lotus Notes servers use port 1352 by default to replicate with each other.

The Lotus Notes server uses port 25 when using SMTP to receive and send email.

Ports 63148 and 63149 are used to process CORBA requests.

Lotus Notes Domino server uses port 443 for https or SSL requests.

Lotus Notes uses port 8080 as the default for http proxy requests.


Trouble shooting:

If you cannot connect a Notes Client to a Notes server try the following:

Make sure you are not in "Island" mode. This is displayed in the bottom right of the notes window, change it to Office if you are.

Make sure the firewall allows connection thorugh port 1352 for all Notes to Notes connections.

In a command box (Start->Run->Command.exe)  do "nslookup noteserver"

Create a Advanced->Connection document for the server in your personal name and address book, put the name and the IP address in the document.

In the File->Open Database dialog, put the ip address in the server name.

Ping the server in a (Start->Run->Command.exe) using the name and/or the ip address.

Make sure you have the Lan & TCPIP ports ticked and configured in File->Preferences->User Preferences Ports section.